Dr. Terry A. Webb

Dr. Terry A. Webb, LPC, NCC, CCTPCGP, is the Pastor of Christian Unity Baptist Church of Maple Heights, Ohio. He is a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis on Behavioral Health. He also has a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. 

            Dr. Webb has more than 35 years of secondary and post-secondary supervision and teaching experience. He also works as a community college’s assistant dean of counseling & psychological services. He is an expert in motivation, overcoming anxiety, and various issues surrounding Minority males overcoming self-imposed limitations. In addition, he is a passionate motivational speaker, pastor, educator, visionary, organizer, and psychotherapist who sees value and potential in everyone.

Dr. Webb is a licensed professional counselor for mental health through Ohio and holds board certification from the National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. He is also a Certified Clinical Trauma professional. In addition, he is trained in mental health first aid. He has worked as a family therapist, providing life skills and counseling services to broken families. He focuses on helping families and individuals heal, also exploring how non-cognitive factors impact relationships. His true passion is to find ways to help Black & Brown men heal emotionally from the disparaging treatment of our culture that permeates our society.   

Dr. Terry A. Webb has been married for over 20 years to his loving and devoted wife, Tracy Y. Webb, MBA. Both feel it’s their calling to serve God’s people and do not take this responsibility lightly. Dr.  Webb is a big Superman fan, but his real superhero is Christ Jesus. He is passionate about serving God, which is truly his gift ~ to help others! He demonstrates the qualities of an effective Pastor in his relationship with Jesus Christ, the love of his congregation through practical preaching and teachings, vision, humility, and integrity. 

            Reverend Dr. Terry A. Webb can always be found volunteering his time or sharing his knowledge with others in some capacity. That is why it was no surprise when he received the Maple Heights 2022 Citizen of the Year Award. He was also awarded in fall 2022 the “Professional Excellence Award” from Cuyahoga Community College. He has even developed and conducted workshops for Nielsen Corporation that were broadcast in multiple countries.  

He also does workshops on Personal Branding, De-escalation Training, Self-Esteem Refinement, Self-Determination, Mental Health 101, Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations, Living with and Defeating Trauma, Success Strategies for African American Males, Empathy in Education & Why College!  For booking engagements with Dr. Webb, please email drterrywebb@gmail.com

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