Welcome to Christian Unity Baptist Church

Experience the transformative power of Christ’s love and join our vibrant community dedicated to spiritual growth and fellowship.

Facing Spiritual Challenges?

Discover the solutions to your spiritual problems and embrace a deeper connection with God.

Seeking Guidance

Feel lost and uncertain? Our dedicated team is here to provide guidance and support on your spiritual journey. Pastoral Counseling Services are available by appointment Call 216-662-0592

Lack of Faith

Struggling to maintain faith in challenging times? Our church community offers strength and encouragement.

Feeling Isolated

In need of connection and fellowship? Join our vibrant community of believers and experience the love of Christ.

Seeking Purpose

Looking for meaning and purpose in your life? Let God reveal His plan for you through our teachings and ministry.

Discover the Solutions

Explore our services and find the spiritual guidance and support you need to overcome life’s challenges.

Sunday Service

Join us every Sunday @ 11 AM in person and online via FaceBook for worship service.

Bible Study

Engage in in-depth study and discussion of God’s Word. Bible Study is online. Please email us, and the link will be sent to you.

Community Outreach

Make a positive impact on the lives of those in our community. Feel free to contact Dr. Webb for workshops on Anxiety, Trauma, Developing Personal Greatness, Now that I am in College and Self-Esteem.

Our Journey of Faith

Christian Unity Baptist Church has been on a faith journey, spreading Christ’s love in our community for over 55 years.

Through our loving approach, we have touched the lives of countless individuals and families, empowering them in their spiritual growth and serving as a beacon of hope. Join us for worship service on Sundays @ 11 AM in person and online via Facebook! Hope to see you soon!

Take the First Step

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Experience the Blessings

Join our community and enjoy the abundant blessings and transformative power of faith.

Spiritual Growth

Experience personal growth and a deeper connection with God through our engaging teachings and supportive community.

Fellowship and Support

Find a loving community of believers who will support and encourage you on your spiritual journey.

Meaning and Purpose

Discover God’s plan for your life and find true meaning and purpose in serving Him.

What Our Community Says

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